Lake Mann HOPE VI Overview

The Orlando Housing Authority (OHA) applied to the U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) for HOPE VI Revitalization Grant program funds for the demolition and redevelopment of the Lake Mann Homes public housing site. The OHA requested $22 million in HOPE VI funds for redevelopment of the 26 ± acre site. HUD did not fund the application.

The new revitalized Lake Mann site will contain a variety of lower density family housing types including duplexes, triplexes and bungalows designed to blend into the surrounding community.  A senior apartment building and community building will be located at the eastern portion of the site on Goldwyn Avenue. The site will feature 245 total units of new housing as detailed in the chart below:    

Lake Mann Homes



Proposed HOPE VI On-site

Public Housing Only



Public Housing/Tax Credit



Tax Credit  Only












* 5 affordable units (65-80% of median), and 15 market rate

The proposed site will also feature:

  • New tree-lined streets with sidewalks aligned with existing adjacent street grid
  • Alley-loaded blocks with off-street parking adjacent to individual rear years
  • Tot lots within walking distance to family units
  • Central park area
  • Community center with early childhood education facilities, kids, cafe, meeting space

The investment of HOPE VI funds will leverage other public and private dollars, transform Lake Mann and ultimately spur future development in the Orlando community. The success of the HOPE VI development depends upon the support and commitments from other public and private partners and local service providers.



Regional Context
The Lake Mann neighborhood is located approximately 2.5 miles south west of downtown Orlando. Located along the banks of Lake Mann, this site sits in a prime location in south western quadrant of Orlando. It is zoned to Medium intensity Residential. Just south of the site is located the historic Washington Shores neighborhood. Revitalization of Lake Mann aims at establishing a safe, walk-able and sustainable neighborhood that fits well within the context of Washington Shores and embraces the wonderful amenity of Lake Mann.

Neighborhood Context
Within a 5 minute walking distance from the center of the Lake Mann neighborhood are located various amenities such as Lake Mann, Gilbert McQueen Park, Washington Shores Elementary School, Washington Shores Presbyterian church and Best Food Market. The surrounding architecture is predominantly one story single family homes with large yards. Commercial activities are present along the eastern edge of the site along Goldwyn Avenue. Gilbert McQueen boat ramp is located to the north west of the site also within walking distance. Click here for more details >>


Executive Summary

Lake Mann Hope VI Q & A 

For more information contact: 

Gaile Moody Plowden, Assistant to the President/CEO; (407) 895-3300 ext. 4002